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Ricard Farms Ltd.

Established in 1993, Ricard Farms Limited is located in Estevan and Hudson Bay, producing Alfalfa Seed and Leafcutter Bee Larva. For over 25 years the southeastern Saskatchewan farming operation continues to maintain strong relationships with its customers in both Canada and the United States.

Our Mission:  Ricard Farms Ltd. is committed to maintaining long lasting partnerships with farmers across the prairie provinces and our US customers by purchasing and selling top quality leafcutter bee larva at fair market value, along with producing alfalfa seed to meet current market demands.

Product Overview: “With our low overhead costs we offer alfalfa seed and leafcutter bees larva at competitive prices that is backed by our strong business reputation!”

Alfalfa seed: Imperial Seed

Leafcutter Bees for Sale:

Ricard Farms boasts raising “Saskatchewan born and raised” leafcutter bees. We offer a quality product to our customers south of the border which includes North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Ohio, Oklahoma, Utah, Idaho, Washington, Arizona, California, and Georgia. 



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